digital mindset

A digital mindset, i.e. the attitude that digitalization is not something that others do but rather something that wants to be developed from all kind of directions within the organization, is the core of cultural change, which is to be mastered. As a sparring partner on eye level, I guide your company.

But we’ve already done it this way

A short parable: During a study, scientists caged up five monkeys together. In the middle of the cage was a ladder with some bananas lying on its highest step. Whenever a monkey climbed the ladder, the scientists sprayed the other monkeys with cold water. After a while

Office 365 – brave new world?

And what a world! Microsoft Office 365 is far more than just Word, Excel PowerPoint and everybody’s darling Outlook. New tools and services, which increase collaboration and productivity significantly.

Everything remains different

…are we there yet? How much longer? I’m bored! Can’t we get out? Sometimes the uncertainty of some employees dealing with digital change reminds me a bit of children on a long car ride to aunt Patty. The big difference: the ride will be over at some point, but then it actually starts: Aunt Patty spoils everyone. Everything that people in companies are going to be confronted with will be a bit different than the long ride:

It’s people that matter

That’s why technical transformations always have to be guided professionally. Together with you, I develop your collective and individual willingness to change and support this through appreciative communication. This way, I pave the way for a broad acceptance and positive user experience. Don’t hesitate to call me if you want to know more.

Future of Work – where is it heading?

Modern workplaces, be it remote or open space, sophisticated software, digitalized processes do not only offer numerous opportunities but also cause uncertainty in many places, both individually and within the whole organization: So how do I handle that? What is the right thing to do?

Working place becomes working situation

mobile – cloud – collaboration – social: These are more than just some pretty buzzwords. Our working world is changing. Knowledge management, interconnected working and digital processes are becoming increasingly important. In order to manage this transformation, not only functioning tools and services, such as Office 365 & SharePoint, are required, but employees who apply these meaningfully and valuably.

Digital Leadership – our world becomes VUCA

Heads up! Buzzword alert! Our economy is turning inside out. Digitalization & globalization are only two trends which will influence our work in the future substantially. We will be more and more hit with surprises. While management has looked like this just recently:

my motto

What you want to spark in others, must be a burning fire in yourself! I love my job because I’m fascinated by accompanying developments. It is those aha moments, when others just realize something, that drive me. Building up the functioning of entire teams is my goal. This, you will witness in my enthusiasm – which is contagious!