But we’ve already done it this way

A short parable:
During a study, scientists caged up five monkeys together. In the middle of the cage was a ladder with some bananas lying on its highest step. Whenever a monkey climbed the ladder, the scientists sprayed the other monkeys with cold water. After a while the monkeys started to beat up the one who tried to climb up the ladder.
It didn’t take long until no monkey dared to climb up the ladder as great as the temptation might have been.
Then, the scientists replaced one of the monkeys with another one. The first thing that the „new“ monkey did in the cage was to climb up the ladder to get to the bananas. But he didn’t come far as the other monkeys knocked him down quickly. After a few attempts he had learned that he wasn’t allowed to climb up the ladder even if he had no clue why.
The scientists replaced a second monkey, which made the exact same experience. The previously replaced monkey took part in the beating of the „rookie“ as well. Little by little, the scientist also replaced the third, fourth and fifth monkey. Thus, the group consisted of five monkeys who beat up everyone who tried to climb up the ladder even if none of them hadn’t received a cold shower.
If one was able to ask the monkeys why they behaved that way, they might have answered: „No idea. We’ve always done it this way!“
Does that sound familiar?

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