The one and only Michael Greth, who is freshly renewed as MVP for the 20. time (!) is owner of SharePoint Podcast and I sketchnoted a really nice session reagarding #microsoftteams ans #ioms18 – enjoy his podcast and my sketchnote 🙂

Sketchnotes of a Session at SPSNL

Digital Transformation is 80% culture and 20 % technology

Community Events like SPSNL invite so damn cool speakers, the perfect example ist Ernst Steffen who presented a session about culture and digital transformation. In the really non-tech session showed perfectly structured and with humour, why you need to be empathetic. Thanks to @Ernst_Steffen for letting me synthesize your session!

sketchnote of Backup strategy Office 365

SPSNL – Session with Robert Mulsow // Avepoint

During #SPSNL18 I was very happy to attend the session of Robert Mulsow who presented a a step by step guide to a smart Office365 backup and restore strategy. I was really impressed by Robert, thanks again for giving me the chance both to learn and to summarize your talk. Ensure to follow him: @Rob_the_Ninja