Digital Leadership – our world becomes VUCA

Heads up! Buzzword alert! Our economy is turning inside out. Digitalization & globalization are only two trends which will influence our work in the future substantially. We will be more and more hit with surprises. While management has looked like this just recently:

[the world is controllable and fairly predictable, we’ve seen it all before, history repeats itself],
leadership in the Digital Age means: continuous upheavals and surprises – frankly: VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambivalence.
Therefore, the following picture:

is far more accurate. But are we equipped for that? Are we able to master these keys of change by our old instruments? Or is it time to question what we have always known, to keep its valuable aspects and to extend it by further insights?
Staying curious is my motto. I’d like to present you my ideas so you get bitten by the bug as well!

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