Everything remains different

…are we there yet?
How much longer?
I’m bored!
Can’t we get out?
Sometimes the uncertainty of some employees dealing with digital change reminds me a bit of children on a long car ride to aunt Patty.
The big difference: the ride will be over at some point, but then it actually starts: Aunt Patty spoils everyone.
Everything that people in companies are going to be confronted with will be a bit different than the long ride:

The change is the only thing that will remain. We will have to keep moving continuously. We won’t have just made it at some point or have it behind us.
digital mindset is a journey – not a destination
What can we do? Encourage our colleagues to keep curious for this on-going task, to develop some resilience so that new challenges don’t look threatening and to deal openly with initial difficulties, mistakes and setbacks. And then – our efforts will reward themselves. Good feeling – good work!

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